"Of course in a way the song isn’t about the sea at all, now is it. It is about the woman the sea symbolizes, she who never stays, moving to cyclical, waltzing rhythms beyond our comprehension. And the sea isn’t lonely, the singer is.

Everything returns to its origin and we come from woman, from the sea, from the source of souls before all that, and long to return. We’ll be lonely till we do, but at least there is music, and love […]”

- Greg Panfile
Mind Of Brian 2: The Lonely Sea

It’s Gimp Guy’s b-day show at The Beer Mug in Erie, Pa!
Annnnnd… the debut performance of all-girl punk band, Dysmorphia, featuring the talents of such local lady heroines as Auda Kontroll and Britches and more!
And I’ll be performing with The Graveyard Orchestra!!!

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